art and music   by  sommer mode leicht und bequem - easy      product    success

 info                      hemd gelb


hemd blau                                                          rock rot  weibwein       

                            video catfish    video whitebird                  

             print  size 50 x 70  or 

 100 x 70 cm, in frame.   in blue or black red or green .  technik      solarworld       solarenergy   

 so   salsa   donau    cat fish    cat 4    cat 3             cat 2     catmix 

  dt.bundeskuenstler   inhalt-content  catfish 6     dance      esel 13     christmas

                                                                                                   -  pavadee and carlo haebe -  private art and music galaxy  - painting  oil 116 x 78 cm. woman muscetier .  die vier musketiere und lady musketier.

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