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cd : privat  king coconut 

1. pavadee freestyle   2. welcome  3. wundervoll (filmmonday4. wind und wolken  5. krissa and nicki

6. true love   7. same old feeling  8. saying hello  9. does it really matter  10. egal  11. i want you  12. my dream  13. badewanne  14. bienensterben  15. ich sag nix    

...featuring  singing and performing    semira isho  on track 6.true love

and pavadee buabarn  at  p.freestyle . thank you for all  whoŽ ve done their parts.

cd bestellung 9,50 euro plus 2,50 euro versand. germany ++49-611-307309 . 0611-307309            paintings: softart  coconut aquarelle 

love stillheal a broken heart

guitar film-song  god    pomrakhun   mondaytea   december   blues   comeback  all my love

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